Music Channeling

Disclosure of sleeping codes, synergy with the soul, total renewal, entering the destination


She was born and lives in St. Petersburg, from the age of 6 she began to study music, graduated from the St. Rimsky-Korsakov in the cello class, has extensive concert and teaching experience.

During her studies at the Conservatory, she took part in creative improvisational experiments and began the path of integrating classical music into the spheres of neoclassicism, ethno, electronic music, etc. So the classical cello began to sound in compositions with handpan, folk vocals, rare ethno instruments, a shamanic tambourine, with innovative art objects, etc.

The author of a unique technique of influencing the energy fields of a person with waves of sound "Musical Channeling", in the process of which there is a tuning and healing of the subtle bodies of a person.

During the Music Channeling session, Ittardea tunes in to the higher self and, through the high-vibration flow, adjusts the fields, structures energy, accumulated experience and brings a person's potential to the original code, feeling undistorted vibrations of the soul.

Also, with the help of Musical Channeling on demand, you can tune in to any states, actions, practices, elements, constellations, transmit states.

Constant presenter of energy sessions, practices, seminars, retreats.


The message of the spirit of matter, the Creator's vibrational codes for development and resource state.

See yourself from the outside, hear your unique tone and understand your strengths through vibration.

During the channeling, I tune in to you, calibrate and adjust the fields, organize the accumulated energy and information, guide through the vibrations to your center, connect to the upper and lower flows, and connect with the Creator's Channel.

During the session, messages come where it is worth directing attention, how to develop oneself correctly and how to harmonize.

Recorded remotely by photo, name, date of birth
Group session
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30 minutes


Personal Digital Totem

Each has a personal sacral-geometric shape, its own unique tone of sound, its own vibration, color.

The matrix in which we live sets certain conditions for the passage of evolutionary lessons, which leads to the loss of connection with the Higher Self, soul, monad, then a person can feel unhappy, lost, depression, irritation, loss of the joy of being can begin.

All my life I go through my evolution, work on myself, cleanse myself, practice and a few years ago a channel of sacred geometry opened for me, I began to see, feel and convey shape and color both personally for a person and messages for all of us. I wrote about 100 paintings working for the good, harmonizing the fields of people, balancing life and helping for specific purposes, at the beginning I painted pictures for specific tasks, and then I realized that more effective work is through the deployment of a person's field through his Personal Totem. Then the solution of the main task begins to occur, the person enters into connection with his soul, the monad, enters his true channel of primordial creation.

How the Totem is created

I enter a special state of attunement, conditionally into my channel, attune with the person for whom information is needed and bring us to a level above the soul, feel, feel, see the shape, color, vibration and sketch it. Next, with the designer, we create a file on the computer and then I select the background, texture, colors that you need. Next, I am sending you a file for social networks and a file in large format for printing in high quality: poster, canvas, photo wallpaper, billboard, etc. You can print on canvas and modify it yourself with acrylic if you wish.

How to work with a totem

1. Contemplation. When you look at your Totem, you remember your original structure, the cells begin to vibrate at the correct frequency and the state is harmonized.

2. Meditation. You visualize your Totem in the inner space, scroll it in multidimensional space, reach it in your digital space.

3. Synchronization. Lying or sitting, you project your Totem onto your entire body, deepen it into all fields, feel the synchronization and strengthening of the external energy circuit. There is a strengthening of energy, an exit into its own channel.

4.Help. In moments of loss of energy, a state of de-energization, visualization of your symbol in any version will help in restoring the energy of the field. When you need to calm down or gain confidence, Totem will immediately work for you.

Gradually, you will begin to feel how the structure will become more complex, gain energy.


Living sacral geometry.

Personal painting created on request

  • Youra 369

    When I received my personal music channeling, I experienced a new strong high sensory experience. And then I realized that who I already am and who I can still be extends much wider than my own usual ideas about myself. About a month later, in practice, I continue to collect living proofs of this, and I am very happy about this. It's time for new facets of yourself 🌞

  • Tamuna

    And looking back you realize all the experience you have lived, a moment of knowing yourself.

    And at this moment you will arrive and observe yourself there.

    And looking back there you will not see, because even contemplating into the distance you will not see.

    Having fully realized yourself at this moment, you will dissolve.

    You will find love in yourself.

    You are love that creating life in the moment, realizing this light.

    After all, everything is you and you in everything.

    And there are no past, future, everything will be zeroed, you will expand, you will become aware of yourself at this moment.

    You control yourself.

    You woke up, you became aware.

    I am, I am now, I am the moment, I am the light, I am love.

    Love 🙏🏻

  • Anastasia

    I listened to my music channel for 21 days. Probably from the very first day onwards, I began to feel a lot of things. And until now, everything continues to work. She also went to the dolphins, contacted them, swam. In general, I began to reveal myself more. Music really seems to bring everything back to its place. Not right away, namely, as you say, the setting, that is, it determines the desired order, but I myself approach it in time in order to achieve vibrationally.

    I went deep into myself. I went to investigate. I got a lot of emotions, and a lot is still ahead, but it became somehow clearer.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Helen

    Ittardea💓 dear, good morning I am grateful to you infinitely ч During the chan, I fly away somewhere, it feels like I’m getting home where everything is filled with unconditional love I can say for sure that I have become completely different, anxiety and irritation are gone 🙏🏼The world has become brighter 🌈 It was as if I was put on a reboot I love this life - this world and with every inhalation and exhalation I am grateful to the universe for meeting you, for this flow of energy and happiness💜🙏🏼 And this is just the beginning of our new path😍 🕊I LOVE I THANK YOU🙏🏼💜

  • Svetlana

    ITTAR DEA, this is Divine, sweetheart, goosebumps are running, the flow is amazing! I am so grateful to you! Your talent is indescribable and great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love💞💞💞! 🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞

  • Zarema

    Ittardea, thank you for the gift you made! 💜💜 It was my wish and it came true on time! :) has not passed 21 yet, but I feel transformation. Calmness and a state of constant joy and happiness came! The melody is calm, wise, I understand my soul, how beautiful it is, I respect it. I am sure there will be more transformations that I will write about. Thank you! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️💋💋💋

  • Selena

    Dear magical Ittardea this is Selena, ☺️ and I still cannot contain the awareness of what you are creating it is not available for translation into human language it is there ... beyond the mind. I returned from St. Petersburg and was silent for 2 days and I still sew everything on threads and strings. Your gift is priceless and limitless. Thank you for this transformation and attunement of me to me🙏🙏🙏 now I have found myself whole. Multiple BenefitsGiven

  • Andre

    Good afternoon Ittardea. Your last channeling is a miracle. You are just a masterpiece of world art, so it's cool. I can’t find words to express my inner experiences. This is very cool👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    To put it in your own words, unpacking is in progress 🙂, I feel more inner goodness, perhaps this can be said. As if i feel love

  • Maya

    It cannot be described in words. My emotions overwhelmed me. Ittardea very subtly and very sensually attuned to me and conveyed a message for me. I want to listen to my music every day and not once. And I do it with great joy. I have different feelings every time. ... This music contains so much power, energy, a huge flow of information that opens up for me every time in a new way. This is an invaluable gift💗, 🧚‍♀️💗.

    Do I recommend diving into this world with ITERRDEA - definitely YES🍭🍭🍭. THIS IS MAGIC and, of course, it opens up for those who are ready to get to know their true self, learn more about themselves and tune in with new streams and light codes. 🌸🌸🌸

  • Mary

    everything worked out, and everything became clear and transparent. It is probably difficult to say that I received answers to all the questions, but now I at least know what questions to ask and where to go. I am infinitely grateful to dear Ittardea for her important work, for her sensitive soul, for the enormous contribution she makes for all people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Oksana

    Ittardea, after I met your music at the birthday party of the Energy Club, I am undergoing huge transformations. I am infinitely grateful to you !!! You want to say so much love and warmth all the time !!! You are unique !!!!! Thank you for your hard work and the energy that you ground ❤

  • Svetlana

    Love sent me a music channel, this is a message from my soul to my mind.

    What does the soul want to convey to me?

    Friends, this is great! Music is divine. I looked as if at the screen and the old world was crumbling, the space was clearing, the soul was opening up. From strong and self-sufficient, I became tender and feminine. It is at such moments that strong-willed men come into our lives. We allow ourselves to be loved. What are we doing for this? We open the door and happiness enters by itself.

    Thank you lIttardea

  • Mila

    Music channeling is a practice that I used for the first time, it was interesting to feel the effect of sound and energy therapy from the very first notes, the sound began to change in the body, as if every cell began to fill with light, expanded in the chest area and the throat felt an emotional wave, tears flowed like cleansing and relieving tension in a few minutes of sounding felt my soul as a powerful luminous flux of purity and love entered a state of calm and silence I recommend such vibration adjustment as a method of quick recovery and correction thank you

  • Akgul
    I listen all day today. And so many insights.
    The thought came that I had known this melody all my life, but I just forgot it)))
    Thank you again
  • Maria

    Recently I was lucky enough to pass

    musical channeling, where I felt the flight of my soul ... I was in Divine love, passed soft waves of bliss and bliss through my heart, heard the whisper of my soul, was safe and completely dissolved in this process, outside of time, space. The magic power of the cello penetrates the skin, into every cell ...

  • Ivan

    This is not a picture, this is a personal message of love and kindness, imperceptibly adding vitality!

  • Anna

    Energetic pictures have a very strong personal charge that helps to go through difficult situations, find harmony with oneself, tune in with the surrounding energy or attract something into your life. The field of pictures is so powerful that a change in the internal state is felt in everyone who is nearby. Sometimes it's just enough to look at it for several minutes, and the reboot happens by itself. Thank you, Ittardea🙏

  • Anna

    The picture gives me a very powerful support, such a kind of energy source. When I look at her, I immediately feel how I am filled with joy and tranquility. The inner state of harmony and calmness is quickly leveled. There is no anxiety, there is only a feeling of being filled with the moment.

    The field of pictures is so powerful that a change in the internal state is felt in everyone who is nearby. Sometimes you just need to look at it for a few minutes and the reboot happens by itself. Thank you, Ittardea

  • Elias

    creative director

    The painting by Lyubov Art was written for my specific tasks and I can say that this work has really active properties of influencing reality. The tasks that were set by me are now being solved with greater simplicity and less space resistance. I highly recommend the work of Lyubov, it is distinguished by a bright individual aesthetics and an active, applied side of her works of art.

  • Kate

    Ittardea sorceress 🙏 writes energetic pictures charged in a special way. I don't know how she does it, but under such a shield that looks at me every day, I feel warm and safe.

  • Margo

    Ittardea, thank you🙏🏼 for a wonderful picture created for me upon request. I didn't expect her to be so ... amazing! Each flower symbolizes people, situations, projects, spheres of fascinating destiny! Your painting is a symbol of my Superpower!

  • Alena

    Ittardea, thank you for inspiration and creativity, for your space energy, openness, trust. Your paintings have healing powers, someone has improved their health with their help, someone has let go of old grievances and pain from the heart. thank you

  • Maria

    Fantastic music ... penetrates into the very depths, opening the doors to the memory of the soul, filling it with vibration of calmness, healing ... it sounds throughout the body as a subtle experience of oneself, one's essence, one's need to be here on our beautiful planet, to be a part of the whole universe ... Thank you !!!

  • Helen

    Good pictures and good energy, I feel strength and support from them. In difficult times, I felt how they gave a filling of strength. It's amazing, let in your life there will be as many works as possible that will help people. Thank you very much🙏

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